lunes, 16 de marzo de 2015

The main advantges of learning Esperanto

The 'internacional language' has resurrected since Internet last century was created and doesn't look close to end its spread. Its study has demonstrated easilly helped on the purchase of linguistic competences and, moreover, by improving selfconfidence in students who considered learning foreing languagues would be very hard -in cases, like the UK or the USA where there's no tradition of bilinguism.

Let's talk about what it could give us.

1) Firt at all, its structure is very rational and sytematical. It shows how the grammar is actually something quite usefull and not non-sense, and how seeing foreing languages' structures as ratinal and different perspectives of looking at the world. Russian, Chinese, French, Italian... will mantain their appearence, but they will look easier when done the Esperanto study.

2) The esperantist will incounciusly carry out an improvement of his vocabulay of the european lenguagues. Many of the words of the Esperanto come from the German, French and other tongues from the Old Continent. When the student start taking a look over the French structures, will see something quite familiar, specially several words that are practically the same.

3) Its time of study is significally smaller than the other languages'ones. This is because its universal structure, in which any grammar rule has no exception, always, in all cases. Its vocabulary and its contruction -the way we build verbs from substantives and opposite, is regular and rational too. Let's imagine a 5-years-old child starting speaking English, and writting 'doed' as the participle of 'do', thinking the rule of 'adding -ed' to form the past forms. The rule is not regular in English, but nor in Spanish and in many cultures. That's an important issue in Esperanto, the regularity, and it supplies an ideal of harmony and simpleness inthinkable before the existence of this unnatural language.

4) The last advantge I wanted to report would may be the most important: the esperanto can change the international relations worlwide by providing a neutral tool of comutication with no local origin, not like English at the present, equating all the countries in the comunitations and promoting the mutual knowledge in a society where English is becoming the only way to comunicate outside the frontiers.

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